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Vagus Nerve Stimulation


How can Vagus Nerve stimulation at J2 Therapy and Wellness help you recover from Covid-19, and possibly, other respiratory problems?

What is the Vagus Nerve? The Vagus Nerve is the longest nerve in the body, it is one of the 12 cranial nerves exiting the brain, and wandering from just in front of the ear, down the neck to the lower abdomen. Along it’s descent it sends off lots of branches to regulate digestion, heart rate, breathing, certain reflexes like coughing, sneezing, and swallowing. It also controls our immune response to inflammation. The Vagus Nerve represents 80% of the rest-repair-heal cycles of our body, and when this nerve is affected by the Covid-19 virus, all of the things this nerve is responsible for regulating can also be affected negatively.

The science behind Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS): Dolphin VNS (Dolphins are the units we use at J2 Therapy & Wellness), electrically stimulates the auricular branch of the Vagus Nerve. This stimulation taps into the parasympathetic nervous system (fight or flight system) to reduce lung inflammation and the cytokine storm which occurs with Covid-19. A cytokine storm is a reaction where the body releases too many cytokines (substances that are secreted by immune system cells) into the blood too rapidly. Cytokine storms occur in response to a virus, autoimmune disorder, or other disease processes. It can make you very sick (high fever, inflammation, redness, swelling) and is also responsible for mortality from Covid-19 from multiorgan failure.

How can we treat this? We can apply low-frequency DC microcurrent to stimulate the Vagus Nerve using an ear clip that is attached to the Dolphin MPS unit. We then put a pad on the lower abdomen that pulls the microcurrent along the entire nerve length. This is an amazing, holistic, non-invasive treatment to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which improves lung inflammation and suppresses cytokine levels.

What does this mean for a Covid-19 patient? VNS may improve post Covid-19 inflammation, breathing, heart rate, and more. It is used in Canada as the only scientific counter to Covid-19 respiratory distress.

Don’t let Covid-19 get the best of you! Give us a call to schedule an evaluation to see if VNS treatment can benefit you and get you back to breathing better and participating in all of your pre-Covid activities!

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