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Ocular Neuro Dysfunction is commonly overlooked and has a great effect on a patient’s posture.  Our Ocular Neuro assessment evaluates the patient’s ability to move and focus their eyes.  Even the smallest deficit can cause eye strain which leads to patients changing their posture to accommodate.  Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation is performed in conjunction with the patient’s treatment plan for migraines, cervical and spinal pain, or postural dysfunction.


Who would benefit from an Ocular Neuro Assessment?


  • Anyone who uses a computer for 4 or more hours a day

  • Complains of headaches

  • Anyone who has head posture dysfunction

  • Athletes with complaints of neck pain


Did you know that your brain stem is the posture center of the brain?  When this is not functioning correctly we cannot expect our bodies to perform at their best.  


By undergoing an Ocular Neuro evaluation, the patient will undergo a series of eye tests to see how their eye changes positions and if there is a resulting posture change or induction of headaches.   Their road to rehabilitation is taken to the next level by determining if your cranial nerves are playing a role in your abnormal posture. With the right exercises retraining your eyes to properly converge and focus better you will ultimately help your body maintain proper posture and reduce or eliminate the frequency of your headaches and pain.  

At J2 Therapy, your sessions with your therapist are always an hour of hands on treatment. With our combined decades of experience, we focus on your individual needs beginning with a detailed evaluation followed by an individualized treatment plan tailored for you. Close communication with providers when caring for their patients is a top priority and allows for directing treatment to fit each practitioner’s preferred protocol and style of patient care.


Call J2 Therapy and Wellness at 703-444-9562 and get started on your road to recovery.

Ocular Neuro Rehabitation
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