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J2 Therapy & Wellness prides ourselves on providing highly skilled treatment for various disorders including TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMD is a common disorder of the jaw which limits the natural function of the mouth such as chewing and can cause pain. Common causes of TMD include postural dysfunction, jaw clenching, teeth/jaw alignment, fractures, surgeries, and arthritis. 


How can Physical Therapy Help?


Physical Therapists at J2 assist in the treatment of TMD by providing an hour of individual care and personalized treatment for each patient. Interventions for TMD are focused around improving normal mobility of the jaw using manual therapy to include dry needling techniques, postural education for lumbar and cervical spine, therapeutic exercise to include Rocabado for TMJ stabilization, and modalities. In addition, J2 has a wide network of oral specialists that we can refer you to as necessary.   

At J2 Therapy, your sessions with your therapist are always an hour of hands on treatment. With our combined decades of experience, we focus on your individual needs beginning with a detailed evaluation followed by an individualized treatment plan tailored for you. Close communication with providers when caring for their patients is a top priority and allows for directing treatment to fit each practitioner’s preferred protocol and style of patient care.


Call J2 Therapy and Wellness at 703-444-9562 and get started on your road to recovery.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Treatment (TMJ/TMD)

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